PERAPlus 401(k) Plan

Withdrawing Money from Your Account

There are five types of in-service withdrawals available through the Plan: age 59½, after-tax, rollover, service credit purchase and hardship (see details of each below). You can obtain available amounts for any of these withdrawals by logging on through PERA's website:
  • Click "Back to Login"
  • Enter your User ID and password then click on "PERAPlus 401(k) Account Access”
You may also call 1-800-759-7372 and select the PERAPlus option.
  • Age 59½ withdrawals* can be taken from your account if you are age 59½ or older. You must first withdraw after-tax and rollover account balances. No forms are required.

  • After-tax withdrawals* can be taken from your after-tax money (this is different from Roth money). You must speak with a Participant Services Representative to request this type of payment, but no forms are required.

  • Rollover withdrawals* can be taken from your rollover account. You must first withdraw after-tax account balances. No forms are required.

  • Service credit may be purchased with pre-tax contributions. Contact PERA or refer to PERA’s Purchasing Service Credit brochure for more information.

  • Hardship withdrawals** may be available for the following reasons:
    • Purchase of your primary residence.
    • Qualified post-secondary education expenses for the next 12 months.
    • Prevent eviction from or foreclosure on your primary residence.
    • Pay for qualified non-reimbursed medical expenses.
    • Burial or funeral expenses for the employee's deceased parent, spouse, children or dependents.
    • Expenses for repair of damage to the employee's principal residence that would qualify as deductible casualty expenses (without regard to the 10 percent "floor" for deductibility).
    You must first exhaust all other loan and withdrawal possibilities before requesting a hardship withdrawal. Hardship withdrawals can only be processed once every six months. A prefilled form may be created through this website under the Account Loans & Withdrawals section and require supporting documentation or by calling 1-800-759-7372 and selecting the PERAPlus option. Withdrawal checks are mailed to your home address within two business days following the processing of your request.

*Withdrawals from the Plan may be subject to 20 percent federal tax withholding and, if you are less than age 59½, a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty may apply. Ordinary income taxes may apply as well.

**Hardship withdrawals from the PERAPlus 401(k) pre-tax account are subject to voluntary withholding but are not subject to the mandatory 20 percent withholding. State and local taxes and withholding may also apply. Withdrawals from the 401(k) Roth account are tax free as long as they are qualified distributions.